The Use of Thinking Terminology Based On al-Quran

  • Nursafra Mohd. Zhaffar Mrs
  • Wan Ali Akbar Wan Abdullah
Keywords: Thinking terminology; Al-Quran; Tafakkur; Tafaqquh; Iktibar.


A lot of opinion regarding Taxonomy Bloom was criticized and reviewed in education, either to compare it with the other Taxonomy of thinking or to view the taxonomy from Islamic perspective. This research discuss the eight thinking terminology from al-Quran, which are Tafakkur, Tadabbur, Tafaqquh, Iktibar, Tawassum, Tazakkur, Taaqqul and Tafahhum. The researcher studied the words in al-Quran before categorized the terms based on the topic said by Allah regarding the terminology. Then, the relation between the theme and the thinking terminology were discussed. The conclusion from this research, the main aim of thinking is to be closed to Allah. Therefore, the study of Akidah, Fikah and Akhlak are the main platforms for the other studies. Other than that, Tafakkur is a common thinking terminology, whereas the other terms are more specific and use by Allah focusing on certain topics. The act of perfunctory or refusing to think, were said to be bad traits by Allah.